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UGC NET July 2016 Answer Key

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I hope you have finished the exam. Now it is a relax time. To utilize this time, you can find the answers of the UGC NET July 2016 answers and can prepare your own answer key. The CBSE will take time to upload the answer key. But you can check your answers on internet. It will be helpful in doing the preparation of other examination.
This time, the CBSE did not provide the carbon copy of OMR sheet.
Paper  2- Social Work
Q5. mean mode and median relationships
Mode = 3 Median - 2 Mean

Q7. The Probation of Offenders Act, 1958
Q8. Right to equality is an important right provided for in Articles 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 of the constitution.  Article 17 tells on Abolishment of Untouchability.

Q.11 the theory of delinquent subcultures was first articulated by Albert Cohen 

Q.15. Bhoodan took place in Pochampally.

Q.17 biological school of thought on crime Ferri

Q.18 - Labeling theory was created by Howard Becker in 1963.

Q19. As of August 2015, there were 169 proposed targets for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) goals and 304 proposed indicators to show compliance.

Q25. Metacommunication is all the nonverbal cues  

Q29 - Likert Scale

Q.40 Client Centered Therapy – Carl Rogers

Cognitive Therapy -  Aaron Beck

Gestalt Therapy – Fritz Perls

Functional Theory – Otto Rank

Paper 3 Social Work

Q2. Sustainable Development Goals with 169 targets.

Q3. Abraham Flexner

Q.43 The negative growth during 1911-21 was due to rapid and frequent occurrence of epidemics like cholera, plague, influenza and famines. The year 1921 is known as the 'Year of Great Divide' for India's population.

Q57. From Charity to Social Work in England and the United States by Kathleen Woodroofe ·  

Q63. 1

Q.64   3.

  Social Conflict Theory - Karl Marx
·   Theory of Cultural Lag – William Ogburn
·    Theory of Differential Association - E.M. Sutherland
·    Social Exchange Theory -  George Homans


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