Friday, December 23, 2016

Some Tips for Clearing UGC NET Examination Social Work

Hello friends…
If you are preparing for the UGC NET Examination of Social Work, here are some tips for you.
First of all, I will suggest to make list of some of the most famous books on social work written by famous social scientists like
·        Biestek, Felic P (1957), The Case Work Relationship.
·        Friedlander, W.A. (1958), Concept and Methods of Social Work.
·        Hamilton, Gorden (1956), Theory and Practice of Social Case Work.
·        Hollis, F. (1972), Casework the Psycho-Social Therapy.
·        Perlman, H.H. (1957), Social Case Work: A Problem Solving Process, Chicago.
·        Richmond, Mary (1922), What is Social Case Work.
You can also make the list Author wise like
Books by Gordon Hamilton
·        Theory And Practice Of Social Case Work
·        The Underlying Philosophy Of Social Case Work
·        Psychotherapy in Child Guidance
Second, make list of all of the important acts and their enacted year like
·        The Child Marriage Restraint Act - 1929
·        The Juvenile Justice Act - 1986
·        The Factories Act - 1948
·        The Cooperative Societies Act – 1904
·        The Industrial Employment (S.O) Act – 1946
·        The Trade Union Act – 1926
·        The Payment of Wages Act – 1936
·        The Mental Health  Act - 1986
Third, make the list of important dates related to the social work like
·        World Anti Tobacco Day – May 31
·        National Youth Day – January 12
·        International Youth Day – August 12
·        World Girl Child Day – October 12
·        World Leprosy Eradication Day – 31 January
·        World Health Day – April 7
·        International Day of Persons with Disabilities – 3rd December
·        International Literacy Day – 8th September
Then you can make list of famous social work theories. Many questions come on the social work theories. Some important and popular theories in social work are
·        Social learning theory is founded by Albert Bandura.
·        Psychosocial development theory is articulated by Erik Erikson.
·        Psychodynamic theory was developed by Freud.
·        Two of the earliest forms of Cognitive behavioral Therapy were Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy ( REBT ), developed by Albert Ellis in the 1950s, and Cognitive Therapy, developed by Aaron T. Beck in the 1960s.
·        Client-Centered Therapy by Carl Rogers
These are the few tips. We will offer more tips to you that will help you to clear the UGC NET Social work examination.
This post is written by Harish Chandra who did MSW from IGNOU and cleared the UGC NET examination in social work.